Garbage solution

MiljøRenovation is an garbage firm and offers garbage solutions

We offer plenty of services about garbage solutions in the area of copenhagen. Look further down at the site, for our solutions, and products you can choose for your company. Do not hesitate to write or call us. 

Our Services

Garbage solutions for individuals and businesses. We offer both fixed agreements as well as the execution of individual tasks.

Fixed garbage agreement

We can come and collect your garbage or rubbish according to a fixed agreement or an individual agreement every time. We can deliver the service that your business need. 

Moving Tasks

We can do moving tasks by agreement. We can pick up just what you want. You just have to point out, what you want to move. We have big experience in this field. 


If you have a kitchen or a business or a shop, that you want to demolish, are our team ready and can come and demolish it for you. We will clean the area and dispose the stuff.

Garbage cans you can choose


Width: 58,5cm
Depth: 65,5cm
Height: 108cm


Width: 137 cm
Depth: 77 cm
Height: 115 cm


Width: 126 cm
Depth: 78 cm
Height: 134 cm


Width: 125 cm
Depth: 108 cm
Height: 133 cm

You can order us to empty your garbage cans

Regardless of whether you have a fixed agreement with us or want to empty your existing bins, we can collect it for you. 


We are a firm there cares about our customers. We are an garbage business, there collect garbage bins, make movings and demolish for our customers. Do you want to get your garbage collected, do not hesitate to contact us!

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